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Delivery and Courier Service

Dupree’s Transport & Courier Service provides delivery and courier service to small businesses, office complexes, hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, and schools. We specialize in delivering both small and large packages as well as pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical supplies for same-day delivery as well as time-sensitive shipments.

We provide a full range of services that allow you to meet your time-sensitive delivery requirements on a pre-scheduled, routine, basis or for your extreme priority needs. Our representatives are available to handle your requests 24/7.

Dupree’s Transport & Courier Service provides same day pharmaceutical courier and medical delivery service. We deliver medications 24/7 to hospitals, nursing homes, and pharmacies. Our couriers understand the sensitive nature and importance of patients’ critical medications deliveries.

We understand that reliability and speed are crucial, that’s why you can count on Dupree’s Transport & Courier Service to get your package where it needs to be when it needs to be there - every time. Whether it’s an emergency delivery or on a scheduled route, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our accurate and precise service.

Dupree's Transport and Courier Services
Dupree's offers professional delivery services

Dupree’s Transport & Courier Services offers a wide range of services to meet most any delivery needs, including:



  • • Medical specimens, supplies, and records
  • • Pharmaceuticals/Prescription pickup & delivery
  • • Home infusion reagents, equipment, and supplies
  • • X-rays
  • • Dental impressions and records
  • • Payroll Checks
  • • Legal documents
  • • Insurance documents
  • • Court Reports and filings
  • • Mortgage and closing papers
  • • Architectural plans
  • • Parcel packaging, deliveries, and mailings

DuPree Transport and Delivery Services Greenvillle, NC Contract services
DuPree's Courier & Delivery Services Greenville, NC


  • • Auto Parts
  • • Office supplies

Whether you need document delivery, monthly service, or daily medical deliveries, we offer scheduled and on call services to provide you flexibility and ensures your package will be delivered in the quickest and most expedient manner.

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After normal business hours please call (252) 341-0801


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